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Free online games – top 10 free online games let you experience wonderful time online

All of internet game players are interested in what are the most popular free online games. .Here are ten elite free online games that are voted by

01 World of Warcraft – GameOgre Review
It is best online game today, however, gamers have to par for with more than 10 million subscribers.

02 Counter-Strike: Source
Its popularity is driven by the best graphics and technology. In addition, it is almost the best game in the original CS each day. Now it has become one of the most popular online games ever.

03 Guild Wars – GameOgre Review
Although it is not as good as World of WarCraft, it has developed into the best free MMORPG now.

04 Team Fortress 2
It invents the shooter genre together with cartoonish graphics and outrageous characters. The most important is that it is a free online game.

05 RuneScape
RuneScape indicates that it is not necessary to require graphics to be popular. Because is always a leader among all free MMORPGs, it is drawn in gamers for years.

06 Second Life
No matter whether you love it or not, there is no doubt that Second Life has been on media, business, as well as culture. Second Life can make people millionaires with appearing on many TV shows

07 StarCraft
StarCraft develops the term of “Zerg” which is very popular. The sequel will may be more popular when it is finally launched

08 Neverwinter Nights – Demo Lair
Internet gamers have being driven the value of the top RPG through producing tens of thousands of various modules for everybody to play. NWN also redefines the Online RPG genre through opening up the possibility of player-made MMORPGs.

09 Diablo 2
Even though it seems to be ancient compared with some of its recent counterparts, the Diablo 2 is still alive and well on

10 Age of Conan
Age of Conan may end up being the biggest new MMORPG because of the occurrence of World of Warcraft.

Delhi Commonwealth Games: Who is at Fault?

Almost rhyming with ‘pride and prejudice’, the making of the venue that started with ‘We’ll do better than China’ has ended up now in ‘shame on the country’. In fact it is such that, while the principle said ‘India is a confident rising economy’, which even made British PM ditch Pakistan, practice said ‘Manchester city did it but India, as a country, is struggling’. Nothing being national these days- thanks to the satellite TV , while its local hostel pictures went international, it came back with international ‘India should not have been offered the chance to host’. Beyond just prestige doing a ‘gone with the wind’, with it being followed by ‘Investors will have less confidence’ even the economy is at risk of following suit.

Although the ideal of preparation demanded secure construct, security, cleanliness and finishing touches before arrival of guests, while collapsed construct, intimidated girl players, shot tourists, dirt and finishing touched after the arrivals of players gave India the beating, with all things connected, almost as an infectious disease, even Formula One got the Indian heat. Suddenly ‘Our game will not be like that’ appeared.

Although realising that there are problems, India’s Prime Minister swung into action, army of cleaners appeared and army itself helped with a bridge, long after the arrival of reluctant players the venue is still not ready. A snake choosing a wrong residence has not helped.
With less things appearing right and blame always appearing when things go wrong, before even the actual game, almost as an inaugural event, blame game started.
While the organizing committee got ‘incompetent’, ‘corrupt’ and ‘inept’, the PM got ‘what was he doing before?’ Although the former, additionally, got ‘they should be shot’, PM was lucky. Although, Indian media suddenly has gone ‘responsible’ and criticism has died down, and unlike the shooting in the games, that shooting is postponed till after the games, one lamented ‘China did a splendid job because they knew they’d get shot if things went wrong, our ones don’t get shot’.

While history suggests India had 7 years to put its acts together, a foreign member of the organizing committee did alert about the short comings last year and ground realities dint say ‘All is well’, graph showed Indian media and intellectual outcry only after world media showed unclean rooms and reluctance of participants.

With corruption and bureaucracy being rampant and delays expected, I see the incompetence of the blamed institutes as expected, and therefore, less important. Noting the graph, however, I squarely put the blame on Indian media and intellectuals. But why blame these unpaid entities?

Although apathy towards the Commonwealth is mentioned, once taken, it is a job to be done with responsibility. In fact, done with an eye on Olympics and to show the world what India can do, it was a national prestige issue- enough to be defended by the media that considers itself fourth pillar of the country and the intellectuals, who guide it.

Although a poet said ‘In China you can eat but you cannot talk; in India you can speak as much as you like but you can’t eat’, what worries me most, as suggested by the graph is the silence of the media and the intellectuals before this outcry, and outcry occurring only after western media alerted them. Why dint the media and the intellectuals nationalise the issue, through sting operations and voices, long before it went international? Why is there a dependence on external views? If organisers had 7 years to complete, they had the same time to criticise.

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